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Subjects and Services

I offer a range of services across the subject I teach. If there isn't something listed here, but you're still interested in working together, please do contact me - there's a chance we can work something out, or if not - I can try and refer you to somewhere/someone who can help!

Math Formulas and a Calculator


From KS3 to A-level

Image by Karlis Reimanis


From KS3 to A-level

Image by Terry Vlisidis


From KS3 to GCSE

Question/Past Paper Marking

Offline, asynchronous marking and feedback with model answers where appropriate. Useful to eliminate any false senses of security in self-marking.

Thorough marking takes approximately half the time control of the questions.

(e.g. a 1h30min paper, takes about 45 minutes to mark)

Online Tutoring

Online, synchronous tuition via Zoom to top up your school studies, and strengthen understanding, while building confidence.

55 minutes in length, lessons generally mirror what school is doing/has previously done, and will aim to consolidate underlying information, and support understanding of new content.


For those seeking a less-conventional education experience for their children, or for an adult getting back into the academic swing for a career change.

Lessons will be more catered to follow an overarching curriculum tailor-made for the student at the time. 

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