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I get some questions over and over again, so I've compiled a list of them here, please do read over them before contacting with questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why did you start tutoring?

In short, because I was a broke student in 2nd year who needed to make some money, and I didn't fancy working in a pub!

That said, I've come a long way since then, and I've since fallen in love with tutoring, and I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it, and so I've decided to pursue it as a career for at least a little while.

2) What qualifications do you have?

In terms of academia:

Masters in Physics with Astrophysics with Honours (MPhys), University of Exeter, First Class


Maths (A), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Welsh Baccalaureate (Merit) IT (AS-level, C)

In terms of teaching:

I've coached Judo for over nine years, and have held a UKCC level 2 coaching certificate for three.

I'm looking into a PGCE in teaching starting September 2023, which may well lead to a QTS in the future.

3) How long are the lessons and how do they take place?

Each lesson is 55 minutes in length (to allow for back-to-back bookings), and take place via a Zoom call and the online collaborative whiteboard,

4) How does payment work?

Once we've agreed on all the details, payment can be made either directly via bank transfer or via PayPal.

5) I've seen you on other platforms for different prices? What's that about?

I'm on multiple tutoring websites in addition to my private tuition: namely MyTutor, Superprof, TutorSpark and Physics and Maths Tutor. The reason for this is because big companies will always advertise better than I can!

However, those sites take a percentage of what the client pays before I see any of it, and so booking with me directly will ALWAYS be the cheapest option, and ensures the entire fee goes directly to myself.

Regardless of site/booking method, you will receive the same top quality tuition, just different rates cover different platform fees is all!

6) Do you do in-person tutoring?

Generally speaking, no, I tend to keep tutoring online. That said, if you specifically require face-to-face tuition, get in touch and we can discuss our options.

Please note, an additional charge will be incurred to subsidise travel, and account for loss of income due to the inability to do back-to-back sessions.

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